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Amazing gift Ideas for Taurus Women

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac chart and today we are going to discuss about some great gift ideas for Taurus women. The fact that millions of people resort to checking zodiac traits to figure out the best gifts for their friends and partners says it all. No matter how obscure it might sound to the non-believer, these things actually work.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign and women of this zodiac are all about physical pleasures and material rewards. So if you know what she wants, you know how to make her happy. Here are some great gift ideas.


Taurus women are incredibly tasteful and they have appreciation for finer things in life, which includes jewelry for obvious reasons. Taurus women tend to have a need for security and a fine jewelry can always be quite satisfying. However, she won’t be over the moon with a trinket or a bauble, she likes intricate cut diamonds, or if you can afford it, go for some exuberant gemstones like ruby, sapphires and emeralds.

Fancy Dinner

A taurus woman is a foodie, and if you can’t afford to break banks to buy her a diamond choker around her neck, worry not you can also please her with food. There’s two ways to have a fancy dinner. Either take her out for a night around town and go to a nice restaurant, or you can also cook something extravagant for her. It’s highly likely that the effort you put in will impress her even more.

Collector’s Item

A taurus woman’s taste for finer things in life will definitely make her appreciate any collector’s item. But since collector’s item is a vague term, you will need to do some homework on what your taurus woman would want.

Get her concert tickets to her favorite shows, CDs of the bands she love or anything else that says you recognize her passion for music. If she is an avid reader, get her a book you know she’s going to enjoy.
An artwork that will sit well on her living room will always be appreciated. Just remember that aesthetics matter.

Sumptuous Clothing

This one won’t do much on the physical pleasure aspect but will definitely help her satisfy her material needs. You will need to get something plush, comfy, with touchable fabric to appeal to her luxurious taste. Try a cashmere sweater, pashmina, or some plush bathrobe and slippers. Anything that makes her feel comfortable and elegant will please her immensely.

A Video Gift with Picovico

Taurus women are quite down to earth despite their taste for lavishness in life. And they do respond well to emotional touch in life. While a taurus woman few decades ago would have been delighted with a romantic love letter, that might not be the case with a modern day taurus woman. But a romantic video is the modern day love letter, so making a video immortalizing your memories will definitely be a worthy gift to a taurus woman.

Video gifts can be used for any occasion. You just need the right selection of styles and luckily for you, Picovico comes with vast number of styles for you to create a suitable video.

Create a birthday video, anniversary video, or a romantic video for the taurus woman in your family and she will definitely be pleased to see the efforts you put in.

Our standard/free plan is quite limited, so why not look into Premium and Pro features for a higher quality video. Also, you can always use a video gift to compliment another gift that you think is just not enough.

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