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Birthdays are special; irrespective of the person’s age. This special day of your loved ones life revolves once a year. There are so many things that we can gift our people but with so many people and that many birthdays, after a certain time one runs out of new and unique ideas for a birthday gift. You may gift them a trip, some form of jewelry, a car/ bike or a simple card.  But eventually  you  run out of unique ideas that surprise them.


Even when you have an unique idea on mind – you might have had incidents where you remember your friends birthday but forget to purchase them a gift.  And have you been through times when you purchase and ship your gift but the delivery isn’t on time?

Well if you have been combing your brains for original and unique ideas, or for the times you need an emergency rescue to get a gift for your friend, you need not look far for solutions. You can create a ‘birthday slideshow video’ for your friend. The birthday slideshow video will not only leave your friend feeling special or in tears (of happiness ofcourse!), it will also help to relive the special memories.

Leave the audience along with the birthday boy/girl in awe with Picovico – the online slideshow maker. Your amazing video can be created within minutes in 4 simple steps  –

  1. Select a matching style.
  2. Add pictures of you and your friend and/or Include text slides.
  3. Select funky music.
  4. Personalize & Create your Birthday Video Gift.

To ease your mind furthermore – give our “Bokeh Style” a try to create a lasting impression on your loved one’s birthday. Share a joy with them on their special day.

Incase you want to gift your loved one a tangible gift, you can download the video and gift it to your friend on a CD or a pen drive.

Videos are created, watched and enjoyed widely by everyone. Create and enjoy your own for your loved one on his/her birthday. Make a video using Picovico which is best for creating birthday slideshow videos and share the joy.

Happy easy video making to you and a very happy birthday to your loved one.

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