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Gemini, the third sign in the Zodiac, is ruled by the dual sign of the twins and are generally characterised for having two contrasting personalities. Those under the sign are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless. Ruled by the planet of communication, Geminis enjoy talking and conversing with others for hours on end.

gemini birthday gift ideas

Geminis are also known to be very versatile and inquisitive in nature. Being the witty and the social butterfly, they love anything they can tinker around with. Finding the perfect gift for your sensitive Gemini might be very challenging. Nonetheless you will have a happy Gemini if you get them a gift that reflects their personality.

Here are some gifts that will definitely please the Geminis in your life.

1. Trips – Short and Long

Explorers by nature, Geminis have general fascination towards the world and are extremely curious people. Those under the sign generally have a travel bug in them. Please the travel bug within them with the tickets to whisk them off to an unexplored destination. Or take them out on short adventures like hiking, short trips around the city or even to a place they have had the most precious memories around. Anything to keep them occupied for a certain period of time to a few days from the everyday cluster is welcome.     

2. The Readers

Geminis rule their minds, so anything that tickles their intellectual self is always embracing. So, you are never wrong in gifting a Gemini a book as they love to read. With Geminis being adventurous people, you can choose a genre they haven’t gotten into. A subscription to one of their favorite magazines would be a welcome gift. If they have it all, get them an electronic book readers. And an ebook reader would be perfect for the travelling Gemini too.  

3. The Emotional Ones

It may not show superficially, but Geminis are emotional to their core. These expressive ones will surely love a personalized video about them. Having the people around them openly expressing their love in a video will touch a Gemini’s heart instantly.

You don’t need to worry much if you are taking the emotional approach. You might say that you don’t know how to make and edit videos, and that it could be very expensive with a videographer in picture. All this worry is unnecessary with Picovico. You only need the pictures and video clips that will melt you Gemini’s heart and music to go along with them. Here is an example.

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Explore some of these ideas that you can use to make a video for your Gemini.

4. The Writer’s Kit

Not all Geminis are true writers. But they are the social and the intellectual kind and love sharing experiences and titbits with people. They can also be the forgetful at times so gifting them a writer’s tools like pens, pencils, pads of paper, a journal, stationery will help your Geminis in recording their adventures and they can share the emotions they felt and not just the pictures.

5. The Travel Kit

Being the travel bugs that they are; they love the very essence of travel. Anything related to travel and exploring will always please them. So take travel accessories like a guidebooks, maps, travel kits or a new camera to capture the adventures into consideration for a birthday gift. Sure a trip would be better, but without the right accessories any trip could go flat. Start off by arming your travel bug with the right accessories for the trips they will be taking.

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