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Recently we got covered in India’s leading national daily “The Hindu”.
Here is an excerpt: 

Most photo-sharing sites are about simple uploads of photos. But Picovico promises a difference. Here you can use your photos to create video slideshows.

It is created by young entrepreneurs Manish Modi and Suraj Sapkota. came about when they realized that waiting for photos to load in conventional photo-sharing sites was boring and a waste of time. “We thought creating seamless videos from photos will help users convey the story behind the memories and save time as well,” says Modi. In Picovico, Pico stands for photos and Vico for videos.

Modi and Sapkota did their computer engineering together and are programmers who love to code. Suraj is an avid photographer too.

“The site has four basic steps to create a video,” says Modi. “Users can select the style of presentation from the many templates we have, add photos and text, select music of their choice and then put in the titles and credits. Once these four steps are completed the video is created in a minute. You can export the video to Facebook or Youtube.”

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