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First Anniversary Gifts for Her

Celebrating one day in a year to commemorate the bond between you and your better half is certainly special. While one day isn’t quite enough, and you shouldn’t wait for this one day to do special things for her, it’s certainly a day worth all the troubles you go through all round the year.

Your first anniversary is even more special, in a sense that it’s your first celebration of being together. While you shouldn’t hold out on your effort to please her, you can’t go overboard with the gifts either.

That’s why we have prepared a list of some ideal first anniversary gifts ideas.

Hollow Book

Hollow book is a brilliant gift idea. Whether you want to hide some chocolates in there or present a piece of jewelry, it’ll definitely pack a nice surprise for your beloved.

Don’t start ripping a hole in her favorite hard cover though. That will certainly not sit well with her. You can easily find these hollow books in gift shops. Add her favorite quote or a message at the bottom of the hole, and it will definitely make a perfect gift.

Anniversary Video “Where it All Began”

It’s only the first year and you will create hundreds of memories down the years. But, it doesn’t hurt to look back at the amazing time you have spent together. And what better way to do it than to create a video.

With Picovico, you can easily create the slideshow videos you want. Just put all the photos in one place, add your “THAT” song, put captions to make your video interactive and that’s it. Picovico is an automated slideshow video making engine which automatically renders your video once you have put together photos and music.

Here’s a tutorial on:
How to Create your Anniversary Video?

Fitness Accessories

Women are very concerned about their fitness these days. While it’s certainly a good habit, it’s almost come to the point of obsession now. So, keeping that in mind, gifting her fitness accessories is definitely a good idea. Companies like Fitbit have come up with some really exciting fitness bracelets. Flex 2 by Fitbit for instance, have been made to perform like a fitness bracelet measuring your footsteps, calculating calories and at the same time, it looks stylish and it’s available in gold, so she can even sport it with a cocktail dress.

Let her Pursue her Hobby

In the hectic schedule of our daily lives, we often put aside and even forget our hobbies. If she’s been doing the same to something she’s passionate about, it’s a brilliant idea to help her rekindle her passion on the day of your anniversary. It shows that you care and want what’s best for her.

So, whether it’s an art kit, fancy set of sketching pens, a guitar, or some other thing that’s gonna help her catch up with her hobby again, wrap it up into a gift. She’s gonna be duly impressed.

Makeup Kit

Not just any makeup kits though. Makeup kits to girls are just as precious as jewelry. Since this is your anniversary, gift her a branded kit. Women want but often not buy the branded makeup kits they desperately want.

If you want to woo her, you won’t go amiss with a branded kit. To name a few, you can always go with Maybelline, Mac, Urban Decay, and there are so much more. Better yet, you can indirectly ask your girl what she wants and surprise her.

At last,

It’s not about how expensive or fancy your gifts are. Rather, it’s about the efforts you put in to impress her.

Anniversary video is something you can put together to impress her no matter what you get for her. We are in a world dominated by the Internet. Making a romantic and memorable video for her can be something for the world to see if you want it that way.

It doesn’t just have to be about the idea we discussed earlier either. You can just throw in some pics and a sweet music to create a simple video. Or, you can also put together a detailed video in a way that it tells a story.

create your anniversary video now!

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