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Facebook isn’t done trying to capture snapchat generation. First it was the instagram stories and now it’s the video-oriented separate app called Lifestage.

Facebook Video App Lifestage

Lifestage does pretty much everything Snapchat does, but it’s been created for high schoolers. The reason we say that is because the app can only be used by users 21 and younger. While lifestage can be downloaded by people of any age, anyone over 22 will only be able to view their own profile.

Not just that, even though the app is targeted at high-schoolers, a user will only be able to access other people’s profile if 20 people from that high school start using the app. With so many social media applications on the web, this is another smart move from Facebook to increase the number of users, as the first user will definitely start nagging his/her friends to join the app. Afterall, a social app without any friends is practically useless.

Lifestage also has a “Reach Me” option, which sounds incredibly similar to “Snapchat me”.

Users on Lifestage can check every other user’s profile freely. So, all your contents are out for public display.

In all fairness to Facebook, the billion dollar company has posted a warning under the app description.

“Everything you post in Lifestage is always public and viewable by everyone, inside and outside your school. There is no way to limit the audience of your videos. We can’t confirm that people who claim to go to a certain school will actually go to that school. All videos you upload to your profile are fully public content”.

Facebook Video App Lifestage

Image Credit: TechCrunch

This video-centric app has attempted to incorporate features of popular apps like Snapchat and Tinder. You can put up pictures, videos, like, dislike others’ posts, and you can easily swipe to block or report another user if you happen to encounter a creep.

The mind behind the app is the 19-year old Michael Sayman, who came up with the idea in an attempt to create an app for his own demographic. Sayman spent the last two years working on Lifestage, along with a group of three engineers and a designer.

Mark Zuckerberg has stated time and again about how important video consumption will become in near future, and this is definitely another attempt from Facebook to jump start their campaign of being completely video-centric.

We will have to wait and see if this new app will be as popular as instagram or snapchat.

For now, Lifestage is only available for iOS devices in app store, but it should be available on Android devices in near future.

Videos definitely allow a new approach of telling stories compared to lines of generic text. And Mark definitely seems to be on point when he says, “video is the future”.

Sharing video stories definitely seems popular among teens, but the prospects of growing use of video is not just limited to that. At present, more and more businesses are opting video marketing, making promotional methods, and other advertising methods involving videos, in order to increase their conversion rate. Check the stats with this link.

Not only in high-school but in every form of business, the impression of videos are getting stronger with increased conversion rate.

Picovico – an online video maker, is one platform that easily offers creating slideshow videos without much effort from the user’s part. Just upload pictures, put some captions as you see fit and include your suitable music. Do not be surprised if your video comes out to be better than the automated video created by Facebook.

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