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Initially designed for personal space, Facebook has wide extended its reach in business and commercial areas. Facebook has become one of the most desired scope for marketers around the globe with over 2.01 billion active users, the global consumers. And with most of those 2.01 billion people willing to consume videos as content, Facebook has rolled out new cover video feature for Facebook pages. The release of cover videos is deliberated for increasing user engagement on business pages. And many field experts have taken advantage of this feature for brand promotion. For instance, the famous Netflix series of Narcos has come to intense limelight being the first page using the feature.

But lots of businesses using this dynamic feature are facing difficulty in using videos that exactly fit the screen. Facebook provides limited screening of 820 x 312 pixels, and as a result, the contents are chopped off from the normal video aspect ratio. Picovico addresses this restriction and has come up with exclusive Facebook Cover Video styles, generating videos that perfectly fit the Facebook cover video slot.

Our image editor has been equipped with the image cropping facilities suitable for the Facebook cover video aspect size.

Picovico is always willing to simplify your video making process. Facebook Cover Video Maker by PICOVICO aims to lessen the hassle in coming up with a wonderful video that exactly fits the cover area of any business profile. We are glad to release 2 exclusive Facebook cover video styles‘FB Edge’ and ‘FB Spark’.

Edge – with Eloquent visuals

Being neat and exquisite, Edge looks charismatic, evokes the urge and leaves the audience wanting more. The lines in the style make a pathway for images that follows to give the style a fine and crisp look. Let the compelling backdrop glide in to capture your visitor’s attention.

And yes, FB Edge is flexible enough to mould into any story-line, but it is particularly designed for the photographers, product websites & individuals who can unfold their stories solely with their photos and minimal words.

Edge supports images with two different aspect ratios.

  1. Exact fit – 820 x 312 – Images are fitted perfectly and have subtle zooming effect.
  2. Scroll fit – 820 x 462 – Images are scrolled slightly to reveal the full content

Take a look at how Edge looks like:

Try Edge now!

Spark – It shines.

Spark is a simple yet elegant theme that demands attention with playful nature of lights that shines and dims as the slides change in the video. The caption over the image feature lets your message sink with a beautiful backdrop that is your image. Spark recommends the images fitting to aspect ratio 820 x 312 – Images have a subtle zooming effect.

FB Spark’s simplistic nature frees itself from boundaries and makes it an all round theme that fits every field be it real-estate, education, digital marketing or your business. It has a very smooth and clean finesse that fits every business purpose.

Take a look at a sample video for Spark:

Try Spark now!

Designed for corporate purpose, these video styles display an inherent classy and appealing behaviour. The videos created with these styles fit exactly to the provided space and does not lose any content because of cropping or required adjustment.

All in all, the video making requires a very easy procedure and can be achieved in few minutes (if you have a pre-defined storyline). You just have to use the video created with Picovico’s facebook cover video maker directly on your facebook business page cover to increase your page’s user engagement and drive traffic. And yes, the video will fit perfectly like gloves in your hand.

Create Facebook Cover video for your page.

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