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video contest for digital marketing

Though social media seems to be flooded with funny cat videos and selfies, there are many people who rely upon these networks for discovering brands (before getting engaged with one). For discovery, it is essential that your brands are highly visible. In order to increase the visibility, as a digital marketer, it is not enough making simple posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You must be able to create a peer-to-peer sharing environment where your audiences engage with your content and happily share it in their circle.

So, what options popped up in your mind for making your brand more visible and shareable? Though there are many techniques, one technique is truly a sureshot for success. Yes, we are talking about the Video contests which you can easily incorporate to your Social Media – (especially Facebook) and build brand awareness along with increased visibility.

Why digital marketers should use video contest for brands?

1. Videos are the king

We have seen a surge in the popularity of videos in past few years – from 360 degree videos to Facebook Live. The audiences’ shorter attention span is being marked by marketers by getting into the trend of videos. Over 3 billion videos are watched on facebook everyday and it’s for a clear reason; videos are appealing, engaging and when used correctly, can bring life to the brand. So, when a contest is run focused on videos, it works as an icing to the cake with an opportunity to reach the right audience with captivating message.

2. User generated Content has more value

Millennial consumers believe that user generated content (UGC) is 50% more trusted and 35% more memorable than other type of media. So, what other medium is better to incorporate UGC than a contest?

While running a contest, make sure there is a clear narrative of your requirement but also remember to give enough space for users to use their creativity. One of the good ideas can be to ask users to create a story about your brand.

3. Builds brand awareness

By providing video contest to your existing/potential customers, you are striving to create your brand message via their eyes. It’s a good medium to generate interesting user content that can create unique story for your brand with the potentiality to go viral. However, you will need to encourage your customers to share their content and analyze content that can be harnessed for your brand.

4. Generates lead

Another great reason to run video contest is the lead generation. Whenever a user participates in your contest, there is always a gateway to capture few of their details. Store these information in your CRM database and use them for targeted follow up. However, it is essential that you do not create much barrier to enter the contest by collecting too much of information.

5. Builds greater fan base

The number of likes on your Facebook page is one of the powerful metrics to determine the popularity and credibility of your brand. While many people consider it as a small metric, it has the huge effect to play with human psychology. Of course, you’ll opt for the brand that has 10,000 likes over the one with 100 likes. And contests are just one of those proven techniques for increasing that number.

How to create video contest easily and efficiently?

Now you know the importance of video contest, you might be willing to create one for your business. While organizing a video contest might sound very technical, time-consuming and costly, it’s as simple as pie and very cost-effective with Picovico!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Subscribe to our API plan
  2. Choose any of the existing video styles (custom styles are also available on request)
  3. User can then login / signup (login with Facebook/Google can be quick to drive more users)
  4. User can upload their photos, write some text or pick photos from the list of available ones (Case : Select your favorite destinations) and create video instantly!

Demo Application

Your application for a campaign say – “Mother’s day” can be something like :

Video contest for Digital Marketing - Picovico API
Step 1: Signup screen
Video contest for Digital Marketing - Picovico API
Step 2: Add your content screen
Video contest for Digital Marketing - Picovico API
Step 3 : Share your video screen

What next?

While running a video contest, you should have a clear guideline on entry requirement and what a user is supposed to do once a video is created. For example, you can ask users to share the video with a certain hashtag (along with tagging your business name) and the one who gets maximum views/likes will win the contest for certain reward.

Picovico – a boon for digital marketers
If you are working as a digital marketing agency, it is vital to stay with the latest trend to uplift your client’s business. After reading this article, you might have realized how important it is to create and run video campaigns. Well, it’s never too late to impress your client and drive sales. Offer them the concept of video contest, choose any template from our styles library and build a quick tool with minimal features for the users.

PS: You might end up being too busy handling the new clients 😉

run a video contest now!

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