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Emotional, Exciting, Happiness, Celebration and Love in a single day resonates weddings. All in all weddings are a great day not only for the couple getting married but also the people around them.

destination wedding

There is a new trend in town with weddings – Destination Weddings. People want to do something out of the ordinary on their big day. Couples all over the world pick the most beautiful places – Hawaii, Rhode Island, The Bahamas, Fiji, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico to name a few, as their location. While some couples might take the whole party there, some go with a few close ones and have the reception back at home.

The thing with destination wedding is you have a lot of wedding photos compared to normal/traditional one. And it can be a daunting task if anyone wants to see the pictures of the wedding. To make this an eye pleasing experience, you can choose the pictures that best portray the wedding festivities into a slideshow video. Slideshow videos are always a great companion to relive your memories.

Below are few tips on simplifying the task of creating the perfect wedding slideshow video:

  • Sort and copy the pictures you want to include in the slideshow in a different folder. Choose the pictures that best hold the essence as well as the festivities of the wedding.
  • Now figure out the sequence you want the slideshow to follow. Rename the pictures sequentially for added ease in making your perfect slideshow.
  • Find the song that best depicts you and your spouse. If you are making the video after the reception, you can use the song you danced to then.
  • Make a perfect slideshow videos with online slideshow video maker like Picovico. Add life to your wedding stills in minutes with Picovico.
  • Where necessary add caption or a few text slides for clarification or to boost the image itself.
  • Keep the video short and sweet.

Check out the sample video of a destination wedding below:

Create similar video

The videos you have made can be kept as a keepsake for yourself. Additionally you can also use it to send it to people who missed out on the wedding, send it out as a simple recap of the memories or re-use it as an anniversary invitation.

Videos have been known to spark emotions better than still images. Cherish your treasured moments in a flash with slideshow videos.

Have you created your destination wedding video yet? Make one today!

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