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This article is a guest contribution by Conor Grant.

Are you looking for tips that will get you on the right video marketing track? Then this article will surely equip you with the needed skills. Below are 5 great tips that will enable you to design your video marketing strategy:

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Determine the Video Content

It is necessary you determine the right formats and topics to include in your video content efforts. Your videos should be highly instructional, filled with narratives, brand stories, how-to’s, etc. You must provide your audience with something they will value, and would like to share.

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If you are creating videos, then you have to work with your team to develop highly impactful video contents. Working with professionals would be a beneficial option but it can be highly expensive at the same time. So, how do you create cost-effective videos like a Pro? It’s simple. Use Picovico – an online video maker that makes quick and efficient videos ready to be promoted right from you photos, text and video-clips at just few clicks. Login to Picovico now!

Use social media for promotion

In terms of promoting the video, you can work with social media influencers, and bloggers. Marketing the videos yourself may not achieve the needed results, paying someone else or an agency who has large and relevant audience will be ideal. The video needs to be creative, engaging, interesting and attractive to watch.

Marketing the video in social media is the best way of making it go viral. Promoting the video is one thing, while measuring performance is another thing. Obviously, this is the only way to know the video is making any success.

What you need to do is to gather data of how your videos are watched and how your viewers engage with it. Take time to study the drop-off rates, repeat views and duration of views- all these will help you to ascertain whether the videos are working or not.

Furthermore, your social media team should track the stats down to repeat viewers. For instance, they should pursue a lead that has watched the videos repeatedly. About two decades ago, many marketers were sceptical and intimidated of using social media to run their businesses, but today the game has changed. Almost every organization today wants to explore the numerous potentials of social media, many have great teams dedicated to it, and the rewards have been amazing.

Include demonstration of product

Your product explanations should be highly descriptive, and filled with compelling stories. The company should have human face; feature the success stories of customers or clients. Partner with them, and allow them share their reasons for using your products. All these fun activities will humanize your brand, build trust and educate audience about your products or services.

product demonstration

Identify the requirements of your target audience

It is necessary to reach out to social media influencers prior to your launch. Take time to choose them, and make your selection based on their real interests, not necessarily by their outreach. Be transparent about your mission.

target audience

You will have many referrals and repeat clients if your video contents are engaging. Also, your video contents should be in line with search engine optimization rules. Use video description, titles, keyword tags, share your video on your blog or website, include a backlink, transcript and YouTube. All these will go a long way in enhancing your search engine optimization.

Use cheerful personality to present product

If you want to achieve maximum results in your field, then this is the best time to stand out. Use someone with likeable, humorous and cheerful personality to present your visual contents to your target audience. This is the right person that will showcase your brand in an amazing, relatable and memorable way.

Some people buy products or subscribe for a service, simply because they are in love with the personality of the brand, but not really because the product or service is absolutely different from others.


We are aware that the tips mentioned above will help you to design your video marketing strategy. You can entice your clients or customers by giving them valuable items in exchange of their emails and names. With this video marketing strategy, you will acquire more customers and sign-ups on your list. People will go the extra mile to buy your products or services, if the visual contents are attractive, engaging, interesting and unique.

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