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Of the many milestones we pass in our life, birthdays are the most popular and most easy mediums of keeping track of them. You have seen numerous birthdays in your life; all celebrating the life, the year, the achievements and looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities in the year to come.

Most of these birthday celebrations must have been of people and we have discussed a lot about the ways one can celebrate people’s birthdays with Picovico. There is one other type of birthdays that are equally important we seem to forget that demands equal attention, the birthday of your business.

Business Birthdays is a celebration of all the big and small milestones achieved in the past year. A business birthday also marks continuing the momentum of motivation to carry the series of successes over into the next year. Celebrating your successes is more important now than ever, it not only looks back on the milestones but also celebrates the employees that helped achieve the same. So why not, celebrate it with something that preserves everything you surpassed in the year with videos.

Picovico Videos perfectly capture and depict what you are trying to celebrate. Here are a few steps you will need to complete to make these videos.

  • The Collection
    Now you may not have all the pictures you need to make a video of your liking. However, you need not worry; we are all creatures of habit and the habit of capturing everything from success to failure and everything in between is not past us. At least one human must have one picture of the various events that happens in the company. Collect them all via emails or face to face.
  • The Assembly
    Sequence is the key when you assemble your video. Be careful not to mess up the sequence of the events that took place. First assemble it in a folder so you do not have to redo it after you see a mistake on the finished product.
    Assembly of the video requires you to also pay close attention to the music and the message you that will go along with pictures.
    If you do not know how to make a birthday video then follow this link to start making one.
  • The Distribution
    Be it product or service your work sells well when your distribution is on point. Use the same philosophy with the birthday video you made to celebrate your business. And you can share it in many ways since all Picovico videos can be downloaded right on to your personal computer you can choose to be as creative as you want to with your distribution.

    • It can be as simple as collecting everyone at a room and showing it on a screen.
    • You can share it in your official social media page as a post.
    • You can also distribute it via emails.
    • Or go a step further and give it as a token of love on flash-drives.
    • Another way you can share the video is by posting it as your business page’s cover video.

Your business birthdays are as video worthy as any other kind of birthdays that you come across in your life. Videos are a charm and a token that visually motivates every person in the company with the progress. Made well it has the potential to insert zeal in the employees and yourself as well.

Take about 10 minutes of your day to create a video for the next business birthday you celebrate.

Which style would you choose to make a business birthday video for your company? Leave us a reply on the comment section below.

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