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Friendship is a priceless relationship between individuals that creates bonds. Thousands of fun moments are reminisced as the friendship day arrives. This day to most of the people, is a very special day, a day when they celebrate and cherish the joy of being a friend or a buddy to someone.


Picovico- The Slideshow Video Maker celebrates friendship day.

Picovico is built on such friendships. Our founders are college time friends and have been rowing their life together through all the highs and lows. We believe friends are not just people to hang out with but they are also people that have passions and sentiments in mutual. Friends are there to always lend a shoulder. One talks to the family members about family matters, but when there are matters regarding personal feelings, thoughts and even ideas, one seeks for a companion with whom they feel safe and secure to share about anything.

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Some people have many friends and wish to stay connected with each one of them while there are some that only have a number of friends with whom they spent their life time. Well, having few friends is usually what people prefer, but then it actually solely depends on an individual. Having a large number of friends doesn’t possibly mean that the quality of friendship is lacking. What matters the most is the bond shared between friends that is build with trust, fidelity and amenity.

Just remember that a true friend always stands together for support and encouragement. Dedicating a day to this incomparable person is the least of the things that one can do, therefore enjoy this momentous day with the special one. Happy friendship day folks.

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