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What comes to your mind when we say “St. Patrick’s Day”? – The color green, gold, shamrocks and luck. Dance, music, Irish food and drinks; whatever you do on this day must be fun. Green-gold is the theme, so go green otherwise you will be pinched 😉

Memories of getting drunk, trying Irish food, dancing to a local Irish song, and making friends during celebration lasts for a lifetime. Obviously, you gotta capture those moments and converting them into a video would be a good idea. Don’t you think so? Well, we think its perfect.

Rather than going through the album, you can just play a video to relive those times. And to convert those pictures into a fine video; what better tool can you find than Picovico. Making video with Picovico is a fun process. Just upload your favorite pictures from the day, choose a theme and make it exciting by adding your favorite Irish song in the background. This video will always refresh the memories of the day. Here’s the one we made from last year:

So what are you waiting for? Go out, have fun, be a green maniac and earn some luck. At the end don’t forget to share that memorable video with us, the happy feel of the whole day’s celebration.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Picovico! 🙂

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