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photography tips

Did you know more than a million photos are uploaded on the internet every minute? You can just imagine the amount of photos captured, or maybe you can’t, the number is enormous.

Photography is all about capturing the moments to be reminisced in some distant future. And, that’s the whole point of it. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not a pro photographer. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t own a fancy DSLR.

Do you have a camera? Any camera? Do you immortalize the world around you with a soft click of a button, or even a tap on the screen? Then, YOU are a photographer.

We apologize if we have offended the REAL photographers by this statement. But even the greatest can relate when we say, it’s about the passion more than anything.

It’s a passion to capture the world, and each Steal of the frame has the ability to entice emotions.

World photography day is just around the corner and every photographer in the world is excited about it. It’s time to get your cameras out. Whether you own a DSLR, vintage, or an iPhone, or any phone, if you have a camera, you have the power to pause the world and steal it.

Go crazy on this World Photo Day, take a selfie on the top of the world, capture your lover’s happy face, or just go out and explore the world. Take pictures of anything you want, as many as you want. Just don’t stay idle liking everyone else’s picture on facebook or instagram.

We understand that you might not have the fanciest camera, and that’s okay. It’s all about making the best of what you’ve got.

Here are some tips to help you get started for the world photography day, even if you only have a phone with half decent camera.

#1. Clean the Lens

Dirty lens, dirty picture. So, that’s what you need to avoid. Your phone lens is always collecting dirt from your pockets or your desk, so clean your lens with a thin piece of clean cloth. You will be awed to see the results now.

#2. Try Different Angles (Multiple Shots)

If you have ever been to a photo shoot, or seen one in TV, you know that even pro photographers take multiple shots from wide variety of angles before they can finalize on the ones they are going to use. So, do not be discouraged if the first photo you take doesn’t portray what you want.

different angles

#3. Focus

Something so obvious, and yet so easily ignored. Virtually, every phone today has the focus option. All you need to is press on the yellow or white box-like thing on the middle of your screen. This will allow you to set the focus on your desired object. While it might not seem much different in most cases, you’ll definitely see the difference while taking a picture of a person in a crowd. Also, it’s recommended that you use manual focus, as it’ll give you more freedom.

#4. Watch out for Distracting Backgrounds

Taking a picture of your friend on the street without a random stranger photobombing it is extremely rare. But that’s the job of a photographer. You gotta have insane amount of patience to wait for the perfect shot. Or, like we said before, change the angles.

The idea is to only have what you want in the scene. If anything else on the background grabs more attention than your subject, you need to retake that shot.

#5. Try New Camera Modes (HDR, Panorama)

Your phone offers a world of different camera modes that you have probably never ventured into. Some of the most popular ones being HDR and Panorama.

camera mode

There are still other camera applications on your application store, which can help you take breathtaking photos.

#6. Make use of Insta-filters, Snapchat Filters

Frankly, the criticisms received by insta photographers is just ridiculous. The whole idea of photography is to capture the moments and make them beautiful. Instagram filters, snapchat filters, and other photo edit applications provide you with the options to use filter effects. As a mediocre photographer, I have been using them, and they certainly help to make mediocre pictures attractive.

Just don’t overdo it, that’s probably where all the criticisms come from.

#7. Get Crazy, Get Creative

Time to get crazy. If you want to capture a beautiful sunrise through your own lens, better get up at 4 am and have everything you need set up.

2016-08-17 (3)

Travel outside of your comfort zone, let the cold pierce through your skin and let the heat burn you. Get wet in rain without worrying about hair, makeup or clothes.

That’s just the general idea of getting out of comfort zone.

Dress up like The Joker, or Harley Quinn, or whoever and take some pictures.

The point is get crazy, and get creative.

At the end of the day, knowing that you have put some real effort to immortalize that particular time and moments will give you feelings that last a lifetime.

What Now?

You have taken the pictures and some actually turn out to be praiseworthy. What now?

The first option would be to upload them on facebook, instagram, snapchat, flickr, and just about any other platform you can think of.

But if you really don’t want to be just another ordinary photographer, then we have the perfect suggestion for you. Make it into a slideshow video. Put in some beautiful music, and you have your own story to tell.

Picovico – an online slideshow maker, does just that. Upload your pictures, put some captions, and add your favorite music. That’s it.

Now, you have your own personal World Photo Day musical slideshow video.

Picovico allows you to save them online, do video editing to remake them as you see fit, share it on various social media platforms, and you can even download them for offline use. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd now.

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