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Picovico for education

Picovico for Education – a privilege to your classroom at deep discounted rate

Technology is ever changing and so are the practices in our education system. Today, rhetorical method of learning is shadowed by competitive real-time learning. And in this context, videos have topped the list – making it one of the finest and most effective methods to retain the shared knowledge. A study has shown that, 90% of information that are transmitted to the brain is visual, and human brain processes visuals…

how to create engaging educational video

How to Create an Engaging Educational Video?

It’s vital that you have done your research about the subject before you start on your video making quest. Do not just make a video for the sake of making a video. Especially with educational videos, your primary goal should be to provide your viewers with in-depth knowledge about the particular subject matter you are going to discuss. Hit the books, google it, whatever it takes, make sure you are…

Tips for creating Engaging educational videos

Tips for Creating Engaging Educational Videos

Whether you are a teacher trying to create a video lesson or a student looking to create a presentation, educational videos are the best ways of doing so. It’s 2017, everything is digital, animated and not just plain and boring but fun too. If you are already making educational videos, we are going to tell you how to make it better. If you’re first timer, well you’re in for a…

teachers using video in class

Why Teachers need to use video in classrooms

With a lot of advancement in technology, educators cannot miss out to use latest tools/techniques to educate their students. Video is one of those tools. Since videos are the powerful visual demonstration that can evoke emotions and drive deeper engagement, teachers need to incorporate videos in their classrooms for creating better learning environment. Here is the detail list of why we think teachers need to use videos in classrooms. 1.…

slideshow maker for education

4 steps to creating wonderful slideshow presentation for your college assignment

Many people find it difficult to create slideshow presentations for their college assignments. And to top it off, teachers demand creativity in everything. But gone are the days to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create monotonous presentations for school assignments. Unlike before when one had to rummage through their brains to get something creative, you can now make your assignments creative with educational slideshow videos. A slideshow presentation doesn’t only portray…