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Newborn photography has been booming in the photography business primarily due to parents wanting to capture beautiful moments of their infants. And newborns do grow up remarkably fast, so it’s only fitting that newborn photography is growing in popularity.


Whether you are a professional photographer who specializes in newborn photography or a new parent who loves snapping pictures with your smartphone, it’s quite amazing how simply looking at their photos can make your day.

If you’ve held an infant or been close to one, you know how amazing they make you feel. Maybe it’s their innocence or just cuteness, but they make you feel hope, home, and everything good there is in this world.

That’s more than enough reasons to focus on newborn photography.

We’re not going to give you random tips on how to take photographs and what not. As a newborn photographer, surely you know what you’re doing. Now, our main focus is to assist you in how to present them in the best possible manner.

Newborn photographs look majestic and simply browsing through them alone can be a time killer. But, in this day and age, even swiping the screen on your phone to see photos is considered to be effort. And to be honest, there is a better way to look through all the photos gaining much pleasant experience. And that’s where the idea of putting together newborn photographs in a video comes in.

If you’re a newborn photographer, then there’s more perks to creating a slideshow video with the photos you have taken than you can imagine.

  • First things first, the parents are definitely going to be pleased having received the video you made for them. That’s saved them one trouble. You could even increase your project fee by including this as one of the services.
  • The photo video you create can also provide you with a massive boost in your niche market. If you have a website or social media profile, you could put up these videos as samples of your work. While putting few photographs would also do, but this just allows a brand new experience to the parents who are looking to hire a newborn photographer.

How do I create photo videos?

As a photographer, you’re surely well-versed in different software that involves tweaking photos you have taken. But, video editing software maybe a new realm for you. Or, even if you are tech-savvy, creating videos individually take too much time. That is where Picovico comes in.

On Picovico, all you need to do is login, choose your video theme, upload photos, choose captions if you want, choose music, and you are done. To make you seem like a pro, we’ve got plenty of different video styles for you to choose from too. Browse styles, here.

For detailed instructions on how to create videos using picovico, follow the link – How to make photo videos?

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