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Birthdays are people’s favorite milestones. And generally, people don’t hold back when it comes to celebrating those.

Unlike before people want to gift each other something that has meaning, resonates love and not just a material gift for their loved one’s birthdays. This is the reason why people are more titled towards using memories as gifts unlike before.

And while some people still want to, they cannot go around printing all the pictures they want to in the gift album. In comes videos, we all take pictures on our phones or cameras digitally and they are stored there too. It also couples well with the fact that we are all on digital media all the time.

Only making videos isn’t enough, is it now? Don’t we all want to make the best for our loved ones? Picking out the best photos or videos, picking the best music and picking out the best style from the Picovico Style Library to tie your vision together.  

Let us help you out in picking out the best theme for your videos. We may not have a huge library of styles but we do not lack in the department. At first glance, you might think it is easy picking one out but you sure can get lost thinking about which to pick.

So here are our recommendations on which style you should pick


Only the most elegant and the sleekest styles will bring the best out of your birthday videos for your parents.

  • Birthday Wall – A sleek white wall showcasing the pictures of your parents in their golden days or ones where they are having the time of their life is one of the best choices for your parents birthday.
  • Bokeh Lights – Bokeh Lights is clean and subtle style with blurred globes of black and whites floating around in the background, while your parents pictures and message takes the spotlight.  
  • Spark – You do not want to beat around the bush with your parents so pick this theme to wish your parents a very happy birthday via Spark Style.
  • Frameless – A simple and refined style to capture and wish your parents an amazing birthday.


For the ones that we have the most fun with.

  • Make a Wish – Rejoice all the moments with party essentials like confetti, flags, and balloons. Turn your pictures and video clips into a joyful collage, mixed in colors of glee like your life with your friends.
  • Flicker – Time passes by with the flickering of light, but all the memories you had with your friends keep flickering deep within the heart. Make your friends feel special by grabbing those memories and playing them in a video.
  • Party – This one is for all the party animals you know. Grab on your party pictures, add some spectrum and make them dance.
  • Cool Vibes – Funky, punky and all the vibes of you and your friends. This style is best to relive memories with old-time buddies.


For your precious little angels.

  • Neonate Girl – A rich baby pink style to celebrate the birthday of your baby girl. Filled with bundles of joy and cute baby elephants, dinosaurs, pumpkins, bees, and flowers this style will be the best one to showcase your little princess’s pictures and video clips.
  • Neonate Boy –  Enhancing the beauty of each of your baby boy’s picture with a rich baby-blue background, Neonate Blue is the perfect style to showcase your kid’s photo, video clips or even as an invitation video.
  • Shimmer – Lights, confetti, gifts, and good vibes – everything you want for your birthday video gift is present in this video theme.
  • Birthday Album – This is an album that won’t pick up dust for years to come. Create a birthday video your kids will treasure as they grow up with our style Birthday Album.

Significant Others

For the ones who have stolen your heart.

  • Splendor – Trace the glimpse of love and togetherness with your significant other on their birthday with this gracious and loving style.
  • Timeline – White walls, neat frames and amazing photographs making your birthday video come alive. Neatly put together a video that will highlight your moments of love with Timeline.
  • Soulmate – There’s nothing better on this earth than a soul that you can connect with. Make the most beautiful birthday video for that person with the style Soulmate.
  • Focus – Shower your lover with all the love you hold on the inside. A sharp focus on the love you hold with your partner.  


For the ones, you fight with a lot yet love the most.

  • Birthday Delight – A fun and playful way to create birthday greetings, birthday wishes or even birthday invites for your prized siblings.
  • Flicker – Make sibling feel special this birthday by compiling your fun, cheerful, mischievous memories and putting them in a video.
  • Bokeh – Let the vibrant moving lights make the perfect settings for your sibling’s birthday video. Make your video as colorful as moments of your life.
  • Paintbook – Paint moments on canvas with our style – Paintbook. Let this style be the canvas to your bright and cheerful memories.

Making a birthday video for your friends need not be as difficult as it first sounds. It takes but 5 minutes to get the perfect birthday video for your loved ones. We hope this blog has made things a tad bit easier to get the video you were hoping to make.

Which style have you used to make a birthday today? Tell us in the comments below.

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