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Aren’t Birthdays just so exciting?

We all love the excitement, the environment and the general vibe of a birthday. Birthdays bring us a new year full of hope and possibilities to get things you wished done. And it is especially important if it is your baby is a newborn.

Their life is full of firsts for your little one at this point in their life. Make it a memorable start to their incredible life with videos they can look at and enjoy even when they grow up. Preserve as much of the first milestones of their life with special videos that depicts just how much you love and obsess over him or her.

How can you make that video? It is simple you Picovico it.

We are sure you have an idea of how to make a video with Picovico and are confused about what theme or style you should choose for your newborn’s video? Do not worry, simply read on to know our recommendations on this matter.

  •  Neonate Boy
    Something special for your baby boy is the style – Neonate Boy. Celebrate the firsts of your baby boy with Neonate Boy where each capture is presented on a cute podium with baby elephants, dinosaurs, pumpkins, bees, and flowers in the rich baby-blue background.

    Neonate Boy enhances the pictures of your baby snugly hugging each capture between playful backdrops dripping in a beautiful color.


  • Neonate Girl
    The perfect color – a sweet pink captures the liveliness of all your baby girl’s firsts. Let your baby girl’s pictures suffuse in the color pink like the princess she is.

    The style Neonate Girl celebrates your newborn baby girl, filled with bundles of joy and cute elements like baby elephants, dinosaurs, pumpkins, bees, and flowers. Each flip will reveal a new picture that lets you relive the memories of her cute little first.

    Neonate Girl


  • Birthday Album
    Get the feeling that you are flipping through a photo album, only digitally, with the style Birthday Album. Let the turn of each page reveal a cute little memory that your baby has made over the year.

    Birthday Album is the perfect style to make a birthday video for your newborn. It captures all the excitement of the party i.e. party hats, balloons, confetti, and colorful cake backdrop that any kid loves about a birthday party.

    Birthday Album


  • Make A Wish
    Get ready to make an amazing video for your newborn with Make a Wish. Rejoice each memory of your newborn which is a moment of celebration with essentials like confetti, flags, and balloons. Turn your video contents into a joyful collage, mixed in colors of glee.

    The purples and blues on the background make the perfectly (or blurry) captured moments of your little one take center stage as he or she does in your life.

    Make a Wish

Your baby is newborn just for a little while. And in that little while, you enjoy the lifetime of memories of their little antics and their cute little firsts. Be it their first yawn, first smile or first wink you were ready with to capture it forever with your phone or camera. Bundle them up in a video to relive all that cuteness one by one. Videos do not fade over the time or get lost you can just relive each memory like it were yesterday they came into life.

P.S. follow this blog if you are new to Picovico and your video gift will be ready in a few minutes after you have created your account.

Which one of these styles would you pick to make a video of your little baby?

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