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Birthday videos have never been more popular with Facebook coming up with its own birthday wishes video. Wishing birthdays to love counterparts is always tricky. While some try to move away from the whole shenanigan of gift giving, others tend to go for the more personal approach when celebrating birthdays.


Regardless, a birthday video is always nice if you’re trying to show someone that they are special to you. In case of lovers, even more so, as there is the need to keep the intimacy fire burning.

The general idea of creating a birthday video involves throwing in a bunch of pictures onto a web tool and adding couple of lines of text here and there and writing Happy Birthday at the end. While your birthday video might still come out just fine, we are going to do one better by the end of this article.

Create Timeline Birthday Slideshow Video for your Boyfriend

Often times, we are so occupied with the life we are living that we don’t take the time to think about how we have grown and evolved over the years. This is true for almost anyone – anywhere in the world.

One of the sure fire ways to leave your boyfriend at awe is creating a timeline birthday slideshow about his life. For this, you’ll need to find the oldest picture of your boyfriend. Dig into his Facebook, Instagram profile, and do not hesitate to contact his family members either. Do not fret even if you’re only able to find printed photos. Digitizing old printed photos is hardly an issue with today’s technology.

Arrange those photos chronologically showing how he grew from being a young kid to an amazing person. Add witty captions and also try to include his achievements in life if possible.

Birthday Slideshow Video Relating to his Passion


Regardless of the amount of time you have been in relationship, if you make a birthday video for him featuring his passion and interests, you’re sure to win some major girlfriend points. Does he play music, even if not professionally? Perhaps he is a painter? Or a poet?

Do you know about the days when he was just starting to learn the craft? Can you find photos? Well, you should definitely make efforts to find them. Also, click photos of his past and recent works. Once again you can put them all up in chronological order to let him know how he has evolved with his craft over the years. He will definitely be delighted to know that you care about his passion.

Birthday Videos with a Personal Touch

We all love taking a trip down that memory lane once in awhile, and that’s certainly an idea you can consider while making a birthday video for your boyfriend. You probably have some inside jokes, those secret selfies, and the dreams you long to achieve together. Now is the time to highlight all of those.

Do you remember the lovely dates you went with him? You could also choose to feature those in your video to let him know how much you miss him. Go back to those locations if you have to (if possible), but leave no stone unturned to get those memories captured into photos. You could also put together a series of date photos to reminisce how your relationship has evolved over time. End the video with something more than just a happy birthday. Maybe a sweet birthday wish quote, or a birthday wish poem would be a good idea.

Additional Tips

Have you already made birthday videos with aforementioned suggestions? Perhaps, you’re looking for something out of the box? Here, we have some additional tips that will surely put a smile on his face.

Feature your Pet in the Video

If you and your boyfriend are one of those who are crazy about their pets, this will work perfect.

For instance, you could caption your dog’s photo with “I love woof, Happy Birthday”. Or, you could even click several photos of your pet with placards reading some sweet message on each one, or just the letters H – A – P – P – Y – B – I – R – T – H – D – A – Y.

Make a Collection of His Favorite Poets, Singers, Artists, and their Quotes

You know how reading about your favorite artists, hearing those quotes, or even just seeing their photos can often be so inspiring? It might be the same case with your boyfriend too. So don’t take this one out of the equation.

You probably won’t need to put in much effort for this one other than the fact that you should be well known about his idols and favorite artists.

Funny Video

In this world of Facebook and Twitter, we are all sarcastic and create funny moments by the hour. Still, if you need help with that, there are plenty of memes on the internet. Make a compilation of few of those memes, or just put together your funny photos. Your boyfriend will love having a laugh on his birthday.

Some Video Theme Suggestions

You know the basics of what you can include in your birthday theme video. Now, let’s focus on what themes to use. Basically, what you’re looking for is a romantic theme that also gives out the birthday-ish vibe. The theme you pick out will also have to be compatible with the photos you select.

Here are some themes that we think would be best for your birthday video.


Birthday Delight

Valentine’s Day



At last

Do not hesitate to mix up these ideas in a single video. You might just be pleasantly surprised. In my experience, the videos I create are only as good as the amount of effort I put in, so that’s one area you shouldn’t compromise in.

Simply creating a video is not an issue at all. You just upload a bunch of photos, put up few captions, select a romantic birthday theme-y music, and you’re done.

To know more about creating a birthday video, here’s how to create birthday video with picovico?

Do you have some other birthday video ideas we might have missed? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. We will feature the best ones on our blog.

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