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There is hardly any bond stronger than what siblings share. When it comes to describing the relationship between them, I say it is 60% friendship, 30% love and 10% bullying. You grow up with this person, share almost everything (including your parents), know secrets and maybe this is the reason why you two possess the most amazing connectivity.

Though your brother/sister is the one who annoys you the most time and again, they are the one who is close to your heart. Not only because you inherit common genes from your parents but because of those priceless memories that you have experienced together. Those late night talks, your silly fights, nicknames you give one another, the complaints you report to your parents about his/her act, everything hold their own value. You never get to enjoy those moments once they are gone but with Picovico videos, you can relive those memories and gift your siblings the most precious gift on their birthday – the pictured video.

Videos best portray the feelings you hold. And will turn the recipient into tears; tears of happiness, of course. Also, with Picovico, the video making process is fast and effortless. All you need to do is find some amazing pictures, add some nice moving lines, select a best fit music and you’re ready to serve the hot video seasoned with the flavor of your affection and attachment to the birthday girl/boy.

Here are the simple steps to be followed in order to get the nice video output:

1. Select Style

Videos build for special occasion should give the feel of the same. That is why, we have a dedicated video style called the “BIRTHDAY DELIGHT” which reflects the warm birthday vibes. But for people who would prefer simple and elegant charms, there are styles like Bokeh, Soulmate and Frameless. 

2. Add Photos & Texts

The second thing that you need to do is add photos and text slides. You must have a lot a photos together including nasty selfies to some real cute lovey – dovey photos. Since you have grown up together, you must have photos from your childhood to present. Do not hesitate to include them in the videos you make. While adding text messages, using emotional lines are obvious but you can also write something that only you two know. It will help you keep the video personal and at the same time maintain the privacy.

3. Choose the background Music

Selecting a music is not a big headache until you find the perfect match in the first five shots. If you don’t get it thereby, it certainly can create a difficulty. But do not worry, there is always a solution to every problem. You can choose something like “Somewhere Sunny (ver 2)” or “Barroom Ballet” under the ‘Musical’ category or anything else you like.  If you did not get a good match, you can use one from the free online audio providers.

4. Upgrade for additional features

Take the credit of video creation by yourself and let your sibling know how much dedication and effort you have made to create video on your own. Do not worry, I am not asking you to get into coding, but you can take the credit by simply upgrading your account to Pro. Our Pro plan allows you to create watermark free videos. Upgrading your account also allows you to create HD videos, gives access to premium styles and more.

See what other added features you can get while upgrading your account here.

A brother-sister and sister-sister bond is very special and personal. No matter how much you fight on small issues on regular days, you owe them the best treatment on their special day! And videos can be one of the amazing rewards. So hassle no more, and  start creating one with Picovico!

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