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There must have been many more instances when you had a fight with your brother. Some should be minors and some major. But that, my dear, is very common among siblings.

Siblings usually fight as they grow up. Despite feeling intolerant to each-other, they share the most amazing relationship. They love each other but don’t really show up.

However, there are instances when you actually need to show your regards and express how much you care about them. And one such time in the year is their Birthday!

No matter how much you are annoyed with him, you will always try to find him the best gift. This is nothing but your love for him. So to help you find an ideal gift idea on his special day, we’ve come up with a few amazing options you can consider. Continue reading to find a best-fit gift for your brother.

  1. A Barbecue set for the Barbecue brother

    Mr. Bar-B-Q’s Stainless-Steel Barbecue set with 18 grilling tools can be one-whole of a wonder box for your foodie brother. If he is fond of barbecue and loves cooking, he’s definitely going to love this.

  2. The Art of Shaving for your clean shaver brother

    If he loves his fresh look and runs to the barber every time to get one then this is your choice. When he’s super busy or kind of broke, he might not have the time or money to go anywhere. Understand his problem and bring the barber to him. Get this best-selling shaving kit packed with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a great shaving brush, and aftershave balm.  Help him looking fresh every day.

  3. Multifunctional Laptop Table

    For all the brothers who work on their laptop any time, this can be a perfect gift. If he uses it while lying on the bed, then this table maintains his back, neck and eye position and gives him a comfortable posture to work for hours. This gift is just ideal for a geeky brother.

  4. Mini Flip-Cup Table Drinking Game

    For a partying bro, who loved playing flip cup, this mini flip-cup table game can rightly fit his in his apartment. Since it is small, it will definitely cut down on his drinking. So it is definitely a plus. Because it is portable, he can bring it up wherever he goes – can be on a vacation, to his friend’s house, a bbq, the bathroom and more!

  5. Beard Oil – for a hipster brother

    If he is very much in love with his beard and he is proud of his looks, then a beard oil can be a very good gift choice. This meadow foam beard oil will keep his beard softer, and well conditioned and less wire-like. And, believe me, he will thank you for it.

  6. A breakfast sandwich maker

    Cooking his breakfast will be much easier and fast – in just 5 minutes with this amazing breakfast sandwich maker. No matter if he can or cannot cook, he will be able to prepare his delicious breakfast sandwiches at home by using fresh ingredients like eggs, cheese, green leaves and more. It is easily washable and comes with a nonstick coating.

  7. A video surprise

    If he is quite emotional and sensitive, here is your next gift. A personalized video gift with pictures of the two of you sharing every good and bad memory together throughout these years. I am quite sure he would enjoy every bit of the video and appreciate your effort in coming up with it.

    Here is a sample for your reference:

    Create Birthday Video for Brother

  8. Watch and sunglasses cabinet

    It can be a perfect gift for your messy brother who is pretty bad at keeping things in their right places and then searching for those things all around the house.  Since it can be quite a time to consume and irritating to not find the things when required, this case can be one of the assets he would love to own. Watches and sunglasses are main items they look up for before heading outside home. So this is definitely going to be helpful.

  9. Foosball Table

    Foosball table is a great pass-time activity your brother can look forward to. He can invite his friends or cousins to have fun playing it in the leisure time. Any guy would love to own this piece of happiness. Here’s a smaller and cheaper version of the one.


Now that you have some idea of what can be given, you can think of your ideal gift. No matter whatever you are giving, there’s always one thing important – the love and bonding that you two share. So your gift should also say the same because, at the end of the day, connectivity and feeling for each other is all that matters!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Let us know which gift idea, in particular, did you find most interesting. We’d also like to know your brother’s response as he receives the gift. Also, if you have cool and uncommon birthday gift ideas then you can share them with us in the comment section below.

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