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The tenth sign of the zodiac is the goat sign – Capricorn. People with this zodiac sign are serious, independent, calm, confident and determined.

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They are also very picky. If you’re choosing a gift for them, take your time. They will notice even the crease on your gift wrapping. However, when done right, they will appreciate your time to come up with a perfect gift for them.

Here are some ideal gift-ideas for the Capricorns:


The mysterious zodiac loves artwork. Art provokes their enthusiasm and intelligence. Pick up one unique piece of craft if you really want to make an impression.


Capricorns are fond of good music. You can either buy them an iTune gift card or a musical instrument that will help enhance their passion for music.

Romantic dinner date

They love to spend time with people they love. And together with good food, it will be a treat. They will definitely enjoy a quixotic dinner sponsorship as a gift.

Video treat

Videos are great ways to trigger their emotional side. Videos that showcase their life-journey or special message-videos from people who are far to them will touch their soft heart.

Here’s a sample video made by one of our clients for her Capricorn sister on her birthday.

Create a similar video

Luxury items

Luxury goods are favorite for comfort lover Capricorns. Things like a soft and cozy bath rug, warm slippers, fleece blanket, scented candles, soul pleasing perfume/ scents will make their heart sing.   

Good books to read

For dreamer and doer Capricorns, some quality books that inspires them will be heartily appreciated. You may also consider a kindle subscription if they don’t mind on-screen reading.   

Capricorns are practical people. They think rationally. So when choosing a gift for them, make sure that these gift make use in their real-life. Do not hesitate to tailor these suggestions to come up with an ideal gift for your Capricorn. Compare your ideas with their personality and you will surely find the right gift for them.

Share your ideas, thoughts and suggestions you think will rock a Capricorn’s day, in the comment section below.

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