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Aquarian are generally known for their high intelligence and smart wit. They are easy to be around with and if you feel like you have so much in common with your aquarius, it’s usually the other way around. Aquarius only choose to spend time with like minded people.

Aquarian are known to be critical thinkers and quite unconventional. However, choosing birthday gifts for them isn’t that difficult. Still, Aquarian prefer a touch of sentiments with the gifts they receive. They are not the ones to care about the fancy wrappers, rather, they appreciate the thought and effort put into those gifts.

Here, we have prepared a list of some of the best gifts for aquarius man.

Gadgets and Technology

technology gift for aquarius

Aquarius man loves hi-tech gadgets. This has largely to do with Aquarians being Water-bearers. They are quite the explorers so they would love to get their hands on new technology. Anything from smartwatches to GPS devices would make a nice gift for an aquarius. Gift them a hi-def wall mounted TV if you’re feeling generous. But a low-budget gadget would be just as prized.



Your favorite aquarius man is almost certainly an avid reader, so a good book will definitely not go amiss. It would be best to gift him the book on top of his wish list. However, if you don’t have any means of finding that out then go for books relating to philosophy, travel, or science, since they love discussing about these subject matters.

Events Around Town (Science, Art, Music)

Surprise your favorite aquarius man with tickets to science or tech events. Aquarius men tend to be intelligent with immense curiosity, and they would definitely love the opportunity to explore what’s new.
Aquarians love art and nature. Take them to exhibitions, poetry readings, and other art events. They would love to be a part of those.

Another option is concerts. Tickets to music concerts of their favorite artists would definitely be heartily prized.

Video Games


I could have added video games in the gadget category, but escape into a virtual world is something massively enjoyed by aquarians. If you can kick his ass in video games, he wouldn’t be mad, rather it would be more sexy points for you.

Unusual Gifts

Your favorite aquarius man is attracted to unique and thoughtful gifts, and you have a range of options to choose from. Aquarius is the original rebel of the zodiac and because of his unconventional personality, he would like his gifts to be thoughtful and unusual.

Some unusual gifts could be a year of gym membership as aquarius love to take care of their body.
Scuba diving lessons, or other activities like dance lessons as a couple can also mean a great deal for aquarians.
Vacations are another interesting gift. If your aquarian is adventurous take him for trekking or other adventure sport. Being an independent individual he will definitely enjoy the free flowing nature and feeling of spontaneity.

Birthday Slideshow Video

Different aquarians react to their emotions differently. While some are quite expressive, others tend to appear emotionless. But deep down, they are quite in touch with their sentiments.

A birthday slideshow video can be a personal birthday gift if you are in a tight budget.
Not all aquarians may be satisfied with their slideshow videos, but regardless, this will definitely be a  perfect cherry on the top.

There are various ideas you can look into while creating a birthday video for your favorite aquarius man.
You could put together a series of his pictures from past to present, to let him know how he’s evolved over time. Or, you could put a collection of his photos where he’s involved with art, since we all know aquarians’ love for the art.
For further ideas about creating a birthday slideshow video, follow this link. Interesting Ideas for Birthday Slideshow Videos.

If the concept of birthday slideshow video is new to you, follow this link to know How to create a birthday slideshow video for a friend.

Create a Birthday Video Now

Have you got other ideas for Aquarius birthday gifts? Do let us know in the comments below.

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