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how to become a youtuber with Picovico

Youtubers are the modern day rockstars, well almost. Most of us know about and have at least once, watched videos of the infamous Pewdiepie, Ryan Niga HIga, and there are plenty of other youtubers who make millions every year and have millions of followers on their social media channels. I know, sounds almost unbelievable right?

We all love watching videos on youtube and often we spend hours and hours watching videos about things that have nothing to do in our life whatsoever. For some reasons we are pulled deeper and deeper into this magical platform and we just keep on clicking one video after another.

Not all videos are praiseworthy and we can’t even bare to watch 10 seconds in some cases.

However, at the same time, some videos manage to completely grasp our attention even though video does not seem to have anything exciting design wise. There are plenty of simple slideshow videos on youtube with millions of views too.

The first thing you need to understand is about Picovico. Picovico is an easy to use web application that allows users to create amazing slideshow videos in the matter of minutes. This simple interface allows you to add photos, choose your own music and put captions on different videos to make your presentation all the more entertaining.

Once your video is made, all you need to do is export to youtube.

What sort of Videos can I make?

You know what this tool can do for you. Now, it’s all about your creativity. It all comes down to how effectively you can use this tool. Based on feedback from clients, Picovico has been used to make wide variety of videos that include everything from a simple birthday video to a marketing video for the landing page on a website. That’s not all either, our social media team constantly makes high quality videos to cover the hottest news in the world.

And you can do much more. For instance, you could make a Top 10 list video. These sort of videos are highly popular on youtube. Say, you make a video for top 10 movies of 2016. All you need to do is find 10 individual images of the movies you intend to feature on the video and use the captions feature to denote the names of the video. You will also be allowed to choose suitable music for the video. This is just one idea out the top of my head. Feel free to explore your creativity through Picovico.

Here’s how you can create videos with picovico?

What do I need?

You know what can be done. You know how to do it. Now, let’s get down to what you need.

  • You will need a computer. Our web application is regularly updated and can be accessed through virtually any web browser.
  • You will need to login to Picovico through either your email or Facebook ID. As soon as you’re logged in you’ll be able to access all major features of the Picovico. (Keep in mind that Picovico offers various in-app purchases.)
  • If you are planning to be a youtuber, you need high quality videos with call to action at the end, and also you wouldn’t really benefit in establishing a brand with Picovico watermark at the bottom. So, you’ll need Pro features to be able to get all the features. Check our Pricing plan to know more.

What kind of videos are you going to create? Share with us in the comments below. Also, we would be happy to give you a shout out if you share your video with us on our Facebook and Twitter.

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