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Birthdays come every year leaving you feel all joyful and special. It gets even more special when we are preparing for a loved one. Make it your sister’s birthday and it’s a whole new celebration on its own.

Sisters are generally all crafty and come up amazing ideas from decorating to the gifts they pick out. So, it’s their turn they get the same special feeling they have managed to sneakily pull off on your birthday. There is a lot to do from getting her out while you decorate to getting her the near perfect gift that makes her day.

You must have the plans to her birthday party laid out, so here are some of birthday gift ideas that will be the icing on your birthday plans.

  • A chill pill
    Let your sister melt her problems away with a chill day in the spa. Gift her a relaxing day with a trip to her favorite massage and mani-pedi place. Let her problems melt away in the spa.
  • Beauty Bags
    Never a bad idea to gift your sister a bag full of beauty products. The tip to getting it right is no buy the original stuff, no knock offs and spy in her existing makeup range to know her choices and color pallete.

    In case you don’t want to risk, getting her a custom beauty product like a lipstick made on her terms and get it named after her.

  • Fit and Fine
    Fitness is the rage now. If your sister isn’t already in it, get her on her feet and keep her closer for longer with fitness gears. You can choose to get her fitness clothing – yoga pants, sports bra, workout bands, or equipment to keep her moving like a fitness band, dumbbells, jump ropes or a subscription to the gym.
  • Love Pill
    Well you don’t just give out love pills to your significant other you can also give it your sister too. Since the world is digital why not make a digital love pill? You can make it as powerful as possible with a video love pill. Just a couple of pictures, few beautiful messages, a beautiful song to tie it all down and a couple of minutes.

    No, you do not have to known how to work with complicated software like Premier Pro or After effects, all you need to do is Picovico.

  • Jewelry
    A jewel to suit the jewel of an human being. Despite arguing and bickering about every possible thing you know you sister has the heart of a gold, so why not get her something as precious as her. You can gift her a name tag necklace, a charmed bracelet or a beautiful ring/earring, anything that accentuates what she is inside.

All of the gift ideas we presented offer a chance to customize them for your sister’s needs. In case you want you can gift her bags, perfumes, shades, candles or PJs.

Regardless of what you choose from the list, you know you will leave her feeling your love like never before. Just couple all or any of these gift with your smashing birthday idea and you have the happiest sister on planet earth.

Leave us a comment below if you agree with our list. If not tell us what would give or have give instead that worked like a charm.

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