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You have finally decided to create an anniversary video this year. That’s certainly a wonderful gift. While most anniversary gift tray includes expensive gemstones or other materials, videos can be an amazing way to personalize the anniversary gift.

And the beauty of it is you can make an anniversary video gift for anyone, whether it’s for your own anniversary or your family and/or friends.

Plus, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the first or 50th anniversary, a video will always feel personal and the gift itself will seem wonderful. Now, one thing you need to focus on is the idea you put into the video.

You can easily find photos spread across social media. Put those photos together into a text video as a happy wedding anniversary video.

Here are some ideas on how to make an anniversary video.

Highlight Memorable Events

Your first instinct is probably to throw in every single picture of you two together. But, that obviously won’t make the video much interesting because the amazing moments won’t really stand out. Think of your anniversary video as the highlight of your life, much like watching the highlight of a football match. Now put together those memories. For instance, include those first date photos, your first vacation, your wedding photos, and there are plenty more.

Create a Story

A video is only great when there is a good story that people might actually want to watch. It’s normal to want to include every photo of your other half or the couple you are making the video for.

Instead, think of something bit more meaningful. How about a story that shows how the couple came to be together? Or about their growth as a couple? You will want to add photos other than the couple of photos. Maybe from the places you have been on vacation to. Or the photo of that skinny kid with a biggest smile in India who sold you those Coconut juices. The point is, you have an opportunity to be creative and create something that will live forever, and you should do just that.

Involving Children and/or Pets

Children are essential parts of our lives. Whether you are making the video for your other half or some other couple, you can always include their children’s photographs to make the video even more lovable.

You can also choose to feature pets in the video, especially if you’re well aware about your other half’’s love for the animals.

Make it Sentimental

While video itself is a sentimental gift, you can make it even more sentimental with the use of right words. Captions are essential if you are trying to convey a story. You don’t necessarily have to be a wordsmith. Usually, you can just use one liners to describe photos, however, some instances might require bit of poetic touch. You can always borrow quotes and short poems from famous authors to convey your message.

Just remember not to overdo the message. Keep it short and emotional.

Note: Due to character limitation while putting captions in video themes, you might need to use text slides which allow you to put in large number of characters.

Introducing Placards

Placards are simple yet highly effective gestures, hence their massive use in protests. No, seriously! But, that aside, you can still find a brilliant way to use placards to wish Happy Anniversary. Let your friends held different placards with sweet messages. This will all compile up to be a complete anniversary gift package. Also, you can use the placards to spell out H – A – P – P – Y A – N – N – I – V – E – R – S – A – R – Y.

These are just few ideas out the top of my video. But, the bottom-line is, videos can be highly meaningful and it’ll definitely be something to show the grand kids, implying that you don’t already have them. The whole point is to give a sensible, personal gift, so don’t let yourself be swayed by the traditional materialistic gifts, and try something new for a change. Or just top off the gemstone with a romantic video.

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