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Unique Anniversary Gifts for Him

It’s your anniversary, and while you are not wrong to expect him to do something special for you, you can certainly give him a special gift to show him that you appreciate having him in your life.

Finding that perfect gift isn’t easy in this advertisement driven world where everyone is simply promoting their product with whatever means necessary. So, instead of rushing to get a gift, plan ahead. Think of what he wants and needs and act accordingly.
If you’re on the lookout for some unique gift ideas, here are few ideas to help you out. Remember that materials alone won’t do much, add a sweet gesture and that will speak volume.

Anniversary Videos

Men are not beasts. Men have feelings too. Okay, I know I am going bit over the top. But, my point is that men can enjoy receiving emotional gifts, just as much as women. Of course, individual personality plays a factor in it. So, if you think your man is the kind of person who enjoys and accepts his emotional side, anniversary videos can be a perfect gift for him.

It is cheap (hardly costs anything), to make, or if you want a complimentary gift to act like a cherry on top, then too this idea for a video gift should work perfectly.

Don’t worry about having to go through the concept process of learning to make videos. You don’t need to hire some expensive videographer either.

With picovico, you can make a stylish romantic video for your boyfriend within minutes. Just have your photos ready and think of some witty captions to make him laugh. You can add the music of your choice to give the video a comical, romantic or any other feel to it.

Pretty simple, right? In any case, here’s a brief tutorial with detailed information about how to Create your Anniversary video with Picovico.

Something to Ignite his Passion in Life

In this modern world, we often take time for granted. And before we know it, we are so occupied by work, and just life in general that we don’t make time for our hobbies and passions.

As his better half, you can find a perfect gift for him by looking into his hobbies. What has he stopped doing despite being passionate about it?

It could be a musical instrument, an art kit, new camera, anything that keeps him going.

Buy him a Vacation Trip

This doesn’t mean just buying the plane tickets. Men are usually taking care of all the chores related to bookings and planning. Why not let him completely relax and feel like a king, as he surely deserves?

This is definitely something you can do to give him a breather. Plan everything from the start to finish and enjoy the trip with him to the fullest. A getaway is surely going to ignite more passion into your love life.


There’s nothing a book reader loves more than more-books. So, if he is an avid reader, buying him some awesome books he’s been wanting to read is a brilliant idea. Also, if he is tech-savvy, he will love the Kindle you buy for him. Kindle comes pre-equipped with lots of books, and you can always add some more to his collection. Ebooks are also cheaper than the hardcover collections.


Spoil him a little by gifting him new additions for his wardrobe. Your boyfriend will enjoy this whether or not he is fashionable. Just make sure you buy him clothes he might actually want to wear and not just because you force him to.

At last,

Love definitely conquers all, so instead of buying that expensive item, focus more on what he wants and needs. He will surely be delighted to see your warm gesture.

You can top up any gift with the anniversary video. It’s cost effective, but at the same time sweet. Not everyone’s a poet and not every can write a masterpiece of a love letter, but with Picovico, what you can do is create a romantic video. After All, Romantic videos are the modern day love letters.

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