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The secret to a great slideshow video is in the ingredients you choose and how well you use the same. Similar to a good dish you want the right balance that brings out the best in your video.

Now we have several blogs where we talked about the pictures, how and where to use them. But we are talking about in this blog is another component of the video making process that binds it all together – Music. Yes, the music you choose sets the mood of the video and ties it all together.

We are sure you must have watched countless perfect videos and felt it was perfect but not given much attention to the music that made up the atmosphere. And you must also have been through some video that had too loud or too soft music that didn’t really go with the vibe of the video.

Reading this must make you nervous about choosing the music for your video. That’s why we have this blog. After making countless videos we have few cards up our sleeve that can help you out with your music selection. So here are a few tips, that will surely help you choose the right music for your birthday video.

  • Tone it right

    Setting a certain mood for your birthday video? Words and pictures also will fall a little flat if you don’t pair it with the right music. So set the tone of the video, is it going to be a fast-paced, a slow one, an emotional one? Once you have the tone in mind picking the music that matches your vibes gets easier.   

  • All the right feels

    Music is one of the most powerful stimulants of emotions and you are in charge of it the video you are making. Are you trying for a happy birthday video, a funny one or one that makes the recipient cry (of joy of course!). Pick the kind of feelings you want to evoke in the people who are watching it.
    Pick an upbeat – ba dum tiss – music for the happy ones. Get the quietly happy tunes for the crying ones and the music that jumps are perfect for your funny birthday videos.

  • Go silent?

    We know the blog is all about how to choose the right music for your birthday video and here we are talking about going silent. But you have watched Charlie Chaplin movies and know the power that silence can ring if used correctly.
    Some birthday videos need not require complimentary music, the pictures and the message alone can convey it all. At times like that music may be nothing but a hindrance in your video, so choose to go silent.
    P.S. In the case you do not find a matching music and cannot afford to get one custom made you can make it a silent video.

  • Tunes or Words

    Sometimes tunes along just aren’t enough. One of the greatest dilemmas you will face with music is to use a music or a song with lyrics. Sometimes just choosing tune as a background music just does not set the mood or the feels for the video viewers, that’s when you use the music with lyrics. The hurdle in using music with lyrics is you need to time it right for the best effect.
    We think lyrical music will best for a funny or an emotional birthday video.

  • Limelight or Not?

    Music is a very versatile thing, hence in some birthday videos look the best when the music consumes you and others where music is just playing a supporting role. It’s all about how you want to make it.
    Birthdays videos themed around a specific event that had a musical connection will shine best when the music is controlling everything that follows. Birthdays Videos where your message shines the best is where music should be toned down and it takes a backseat.  

We have been through a lot of videos and made some too. These are what have helped us choose the best music we think matches our birthday videos.

We are sure there are more parameters that define what makes the best music for a birthday video. If you think we have missed any do tell us in the comment section below.

Because nothing delights us other than hearing from you and knowing more hacks to crack how to choose the best music for your birthday videos.  

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