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Wedding slideshows are among the best things that come out of a wedding, other than the obvious fact that two people get married and exchange the promise of happiness and togetherness.

Wedding Slideshows

Wedding slideshow videos leave everyone at the wedding with a big “AWW”.

In our previous blog, we discussed How to Make a Wedding Slideshow Presentation with Picovico – a wedding video maker

Now, let’s focus on how you can make the best wedding slideshow!

The first step to making the best wedding slideshow is to choose attractive video themes, and Picovico offers you a wide range of selection options.

Below we have prepared a list of best video styles Picovico offers to make your wedding presentations fancier and appealing enough in easier manner.


Frameless is a simple yet tasteful video style. This video style comes without frames and the soft, refined transitions add a touch of sophisticated aura. Wedding photos mostly reflect happiness, hopefulness and warmth, so frameless is a natural pick for wedding slideshows as this video-theme allows the pictures to outshine the background and not be obscured by it.

Get the best out of Frameless with High Definition [HD] pictures in 16:9 image ratio.


One video theme that pretty much screams love and romance is Soulmate. But at the same time, its simplicity in design makes it perfect for your wedding presentation. All the photos lightly fade away and lightly appear. With the appropriate music selection, you could play the wedding slideshow prepared using soulmate video-theme during any time of the wedding.

Valentine’s Day

Another video-theme we have for your perfect wedding slideshow is Valentine’s Day. And, no it’s not just themed around the Valentine’s Day. Photos appear and disappear in a simple yet eye-catching manner, always grabbing the viewer’s’ complete attention. Built with LOVE in mind, this theme will be the perfect choice to focus on striking moments of the bride and the groom together.


The manner in which images appear on the screen, still leaving a hint of surprise makes Lines one of the best wedding themed video style on the web. Whether you want to create a wedding slideshow featuring photos taken at the wedding or you want to create a special wedding slideshow to present at some time during the wedding such as rehearsal dinner, party, etc, Lines video-theme will work quite well.


Each photo will be focused to precision highlighting the center of the picture and slowly expanding out to disclose the full picture. Your only real job here is to choose the best quality photos. This multi-purposeful video-theme can be used to create pretty much any kind of video you want, but it will work amazingly well for your wedding slideshow too. Check out this sample to see what you can create.

At Last

Feel free to try each of these video-themes on Picovico.
Still, there are plenty more you can try your hands on – Bokeh, Bokeh lights and Vanilla to name a few.

If the minimum of 25 pictures and other basic limitations such as quality of the pictures, length of the videos aren’t enough, you can always opt for our Pro plan and Premium plan. You can check our pricing for these plans and opt for the plans accordingly.

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