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anniversary gifts for her

She listens to your everyday complaints about how terrible your day was, and she is always there to comfort you and laugh with you. If you have such special woman in your life, she definitely deserves the best of anniversary gifts.

In today’s materialistic world, there is a vast array to choose from. Remember, it’s not just about giving conventional anniversary gifts. Think of it as a day to woo her once again. What would make her happy the most?

Here, we have a list of some conventional and some special gift ideas for your better half.


“Every piece of Jewelry tells a story”. Get her a nice piece of jewelry on your anniversary and this can very well be one of those stories. Jewelry has always been considered women’s best friends. So, it should please her.

And there are so many varieties, you can always stick within budget and still impress her.


You and your partner definitely deserve some alone time together, and your anniversary is the perfect excuse to go on that much needed vacation. If you can afford it, go for a week long vacation in a distant country. If not, just go for an adventurous weekend out.

Do make sure that you make plans after consulting with your wife, so that the vacation isn’t just enjoyable to you.

Special Dinner Date

While it seems too conventional and traditional, a nice dinner date on your anniversary is a perfect way to liven up your wedding.

Get her a perfect dress for the evening, suit up and head out. Keep the conversation flowing to make her feel special.

P.s. Try and get a table in one of those restaurants your wife has always wanted to eat in.

Your Time

Your time alone can be a precious gift for your wife. In this day and age, we can’t afford to be not busy. As a result, we spend more time at work rather than with family.

If you can arrange to spend some time with your partner, that’d be an anniversary gift in itself for the both of you. Get her some roses, a fancy bottle of wine, and you’ve got good-time guaranteed even if you’re just watching Netflix.

Anniversary Video Gift

Talking about a special, unique gift to woo her, making an anniversary video for her is the perfect idea.

First things first, don’t worry about not being tech savvy. Video making is a matter of drag and drop in today’s world. Contrary to the popular belief, it neither requires hefty amount of money to hire professionals nor does it require for you learn special video making skills.

All you need to do is log on to Picovico and create a video. There are plenty of themes suitable for your anniversary video and the whole video-making process is remarkably simple.

Here’s how to create your anniversary video.

create Anniversary video now!

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