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One of the best ways to capture a moment is to click it through the lens of a camera. It preserves your beautiful memories but have you ever wondered how to revive those moments? How to actually feel like you are living the moment again with those photographs? Well, making video from photos via photo slideshow creator like Picovico can prove to be handy in such situation.

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Where all of the other similar tools have simple feature of uploading huge amount of photos, sometimes it’s very troublesome to check out an album with more than 100 numbers of photos as one has to continually click on the “Next” button and wait for photos to load. That is why Picovico has thrived-in to make a difference. With Picovico, you can use your photos to create slideshow video.

There are several photo slideshow creator apps in the market and if you wonder “Why to choose Picovico amongst others?” then, here are the five reasons to start using Picovico.

1. Easy to use

Anyone can make HD videos instantly and effortlessly by using Picovico. All you need to do is, select the theme, add photos and text, select music and its done! As simple as that. There are varieties of templates and photo import options (from Facebook, Flickr and Google Photos) along with the option of local music import.

2. Video styles for every occasion

Picovico has a wide range of video styles to choose from to create photo slideshows. You can just add photos and text and choose a video style that best suits your needs. Picovico also has festive/occasional video styles such as Christmas, New year, Birthday, Wedding, etc. that helps you make awesome looking photo-slideshows within minutes and download. The best part is most of the video styles are free to use.

3. Available for mobile devices

Picovico is also available for android users. Picovico app is available for free at Google Play store. With Picovico android app you can make and download professional looking HD (upto 720p) videos easily within seconds.

4. Easy to share

Once you are done making your beautiful slideshow video, you can share it directly to the available social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. It also provides the short URL of the video you create which you can use anywhere to share and promote. You can even download the video and share it offline to your friends and family.

5. Low cost

Picovico is available for free but if you want extra features such as HD video (720p), maximum video per day with maximum content length, CTA button, access to premium themes then you can upgrade to the premium plan at just $6.25 per month (paid annually) or $9.49/month (paid monthly).

Now you know why Picovico is best for making videos from your photos. Give it a try and create beautiful videos within seconds.

Visit the Picovico web app or download the Picovico Android app here.

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