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A mother is someone who has given us the greatest gifts of – life and love. She can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Mothers are extraordinary; they juggle all aspects of everyday life and do it well. And be it evident or not, everybody loves their mother.

DIY mothers day gift ideas

She gives and gives selflessly all year without asking for anything in return. Mother’s Day is one of the days in a year that we can take to be grateful for all that she does for us. So, take the opportunity to make this day memorable for your mom.

Shower your mom with love and pamper her, with any or all of the following DIY gift ideas this Mother’s Day.

1. Food

Mothers feed, clothe and take care of us all through our childhood. Even now when you visit her, she showers her love with food. So, why not do the same for her? This meaningful gesture will leave her to take rest and make her feel appreciated.

Almost everyone loves Pizza. This mother’s day, why not make a homemade Pizza? The best part about pizza is you can choose your topping (and add the favorite topping of your mom).  This dish will not only be enjoyed by your mother but by everyone in the family. Here is a video showing how you can make it for her.

2. Picovico Video

All through your life you must have days that mean more to you and your mom. And few photographs of those days surely exist. Bring those moments to life with a Picovico Video.

All you need to do is find the pictures of you and your mom.  Choose the best style and music to compliment your moments. Use the video to show your mother you remember the moments of togetherness and thank her for all those precious moments.

Create a video for your mom now!

3. “Reasons Why I Love You” book

DIY card mum

(Photo/Concept Credit: Michele Venlee)

Here is a DIY gift idea that is pretty simple in the making. Tell your mother the things that you love about her. Pen down the points and make your mother a “Reasons Why I Love You” book.

All you need to do is take a deck of cards. Cut out plain paper, glue them on one side of the card and glue images that relate to memories or characteristics about your mom on the other.

Now write as many reasons as you like as to why you love her on the plain side. Punch a hole and use the binder/jump ring or ribbon to make a book of it. And Ta-Da you have a terrific gift for her.  

4. A box of chocolates


Why only gift a box of chocolate for your lover? Your mother surely loves a box of chocolates too (for the non-diabetic mothers). It only takes a few minutes to put this Mother’s Day gift together.

You will need a plastic organizer box. Fill the little compartments of the box with Mom’s favorite chocolates or candies. Now to decorate the box a little, measure the width of the box and cut your scrapbook paper.  Adhere to the box with glue stick or your choice of crafting glue.

5. Milk Bath

DIY Milk Bath

Get your mother a warm, soothing relaxation with nothing much to do on your part. Cleopatra was the first one to enjoy a milk bath; she claimed that milk bath preserved her beauty and kept her skin glowing and youthful. Let your mother enjoy the same with a homemade milk bath.

The supplies needed are:

  • 1½ cups Powdered Milk
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • ½ cup epsom salts
  • 10-20 drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

Mix all ingredients together and add to a jar. Get a label printed and tie or glue it to the jar.

Mothers are our pillars supporting us through our ups and downs. Remind her that you are grateful for everything she does with what you can do. Let’s put a smile on your mom’s face and make her feel special and appreciated.

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