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mothers day video styles

Mother’s Day is on the doorstep. Have you decided on a gift yet? If not,  you can make a Picovico video as a gift for your mom. All that is required from you is to compile amazing pictures of her.

You will be looking to create a cheerful and warm atmosphere, so you need to choose a style that will best possibly reflect your love and affection. Picovico, an online slideshow maker with music, offers amazing range of styles to give your memories life and add more value to your treasured moments. Check out the top five styles we suggest for creating  the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

1. Bokeh lights

Add sparkle to the beautiful memories of your life. Let the shimmering black and white lights give smashing boost to your amazing moments. Use the Bokeh Style to delicately express your love to your mother.  

Make a video with  Bokeh lights.

2. Soulmate

There is nothing better on this earth than a loving mother. She isn’t just an ordinary person but your very first soulmate who revolutionizes your world.  Share the love and affection she deserves with our style “Soulmate”.  

Make a video with Soulmate.

3. Vanilla

The images of you and your mom deserve the centre stage. Use Vanilla Style to highlight those images in elegance without any distractions.

Make a video with Vanilla.

4. Focus

Your mom should receive the limelight on Mother’s Day. So does her images in the video. Use the Focus style to place the spotlight on your mother in the video.

Make a video with Focus.

5. Bokeh

Let the vibrant moving lights unfreeze the special memories of you and your mom. Gather some cheerful pictures with your mom and let the Bokeh Style add more color to your moments.  

Make a video with Bokeh.

These are the five styles that we have round up for Mother’s Day videos. We hope you are inspired to give it a try. Sign up to get started now!

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