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More than 52% of marketing professionals consider videos to be an important tool for their current marketing and storytelling strategies. Videos have become a crucial tool for marketing but there are some challenges associated with creating resourceful videos.

challenges in making video

Listed below are top three major challenges that you, as a marketer may face while making videos:

1. Video cost

Making a video is accompanied with various costs. Cameras, crew, lightning tools, and voice over, everything has cost associated with it. If you are to hire professionals, making a video of even 60 -120 seconds, could cost you around $25000. For newly established startups, paying this huge amount could be a real challenge. Therefore, more than 50% of marketing professionals agree that video cost is one of the major factor why most of the organizations do not opt making videos.

2. Video Expertise

Video editing is not a simple task. You could have shot a video footage from your digital camera, your cellphone, or even downloaded it from sites like Videvo or Pexels. But, stitching the videos together, making a transition between them, adding music, titles and connotations could be a real pain. This could be another main reason that is stopping you from making videos.

3. Time Factor

From capturing to delivering a video, it does take a lot of time in editing, voice over and making other arrangements. Moreover, animated videos take exceptionally long time to get at hand. About 45% of marketing professional agree that producing a quality video is very time consuming and the return on this investment is only about 37%.

Now, what if I say none of the above mentioned factors could obstruct your video making process? What if you can create videos quickly and in a cost effective way at your fingertips? Slideshow video is answer to all these.

Slideshow videos are an effective means of storytelling. SlideShare being one of the top 150 highly trafficked sites on the web, also proves that slideshow videos are now a rich source of media content. One cannot underrate its importance in the field of marketing and storytelling. Furthermore, slideshow videos help to overcome all the above mentioned challenges of video making.

Picovico – an online slideshow maker

Picovico being a slideshow video maker, allows you to achieve all those challenges in a meaningful and affordable way. Making slideshow videos using Picovico is stress free and customizing them does not require much of expertise. You can create videos in four simple steps; Select style, Add photos, Select Music, and make final arrangements to create your video.

Utilizing your old photographs it allows you to create lightweight videos in less than 5 minutes and can be downloaded or shared to your social media without difficulty. Also, Picovico is cost effective and allows you to select from standard or premium pricing model to fit your requirements.

Changing the notion of video making, slideshow videos have been the simplest and most affordable way of video making.

Start creating your slideshow videos now!

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  • Jeff Thomson
    Posted May 15, 2017 4:49 am 0Likes

    The online video marketing really becomes a trend nowadays and these three factors you have mentioned in article really matters especially the cost one

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