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Thinking of some cool and special gift that you can give your dad on his birthday? We have brought you some fine gift ideas, because we know that dads don’t want just socks, ties, or wallets.

For most people, it might be just another candle added on the birthday cake, but everyone deserves to be spoiled on their birthday, especially our real life superheroes – our Fathers.

Therefore, upon asking some dads randomly on the street about what they wanted for their next birthday, we came across a lot of ideas and have listed the top 10 most desired gifts for super dads on their birthday. You can find them as you continue reading.

    1. Let him read more
      For a reader dad, there’s nothing enough to read. He wants to read more and more. So you can set him up for an Amazon Kindle Voyage. It will give him a comfortable read for a long time. In addition to that, it is does not consume much battery, is easy to operate and has a massive library.
    2. Get him a smart alternative
      Your dad may not always be connected to his smartphone. Buy him an Amazon Fire TV Stick that will convert his normal tv into a nice Smart TV. It is less dependent on having a smartphone as it has its own standalone remote.
    3. Tools for different operations
      If your dad is one of those who is the overall caretaker of the house and knows everything from gardening to plumbing to carpentering to fixing any breakdown, then provide him the access to his power tools. You can get anything from gears to laser cutters. Your dad will be more than just happy.
    4. Underground beer fridge
      If he is interested in fancy things, an underground beer fridge can be a very good option for his birthday gift. And even if he is not so fancy, which man on earth would not want to have his own beer cave? A beer lift will help him keep his beer cool even naturally, and saves his electricity bills (to some extent). It is one of the coolest “boys toys”.
    5. A custom birthday book
      You should have witness many of his birthdays so far. There must be pictures of the celebration and some amazing memories to recall. You can put them together to create a custom birthday timeline book in a form of video and present it to your father. He would definitely rejoice going through all the chapters. 🙂


      Create a birthday book for Dad

    6. A nice whisky
      When asked to many dads about what they would want to have for their birthday, they said, “A nice whisky!”. It felt to us that the relationship between dad and whisky is quite deep. So we had to mention it here as well. Get your dad one of his favorite brands of whisky or if you live away from him, you can get him one of your favorite locals.
    7. A multi-tool for everyday task
      Every dad needs to have one of these multi-tool that makes everyday work at home (like screwing, cutting, etc.) easy. If you want it to work as expected, take my suggestion and don’t buy cheap!
    8. A power bank
      This is one gift that will never fail to impress as everyone you know must be willing to have it. The smartphone’s battery die easily after few hours of constant use. So having a power bank can save your dad in case of emergency.
    9. A headlamp with zoom lenses
      If your father is an outdoor person and loves relishing the beauty of the nature, then it is certain that he often visits new places for satisfying his wanderlust. In that case, a nice headlamp with zooming lenses can be great gear he could have for his travel diaries.
    10. The Dad’s joke book
      It can be one of the great gifts for funny dads who you can joke around with. Have him set delighted on his special day with a range of witty one liner jokes and extraordinary puns.

    Dads are known for being the ‘difficult to buy for’ persons. Specially when it is a big day like their birthday, or father’s day or Christmas. It can be nothing but a complete hard work to find that perfect gift which could bring the big bright smile on his face.

    Therefore, to help you express your best regards for him on his birthday, we have created this list of birthday ideas for Dad. You can use one or more of these to show your love and appreciation for him.

    If you have a more intriguing idea, you can help everyone landing to this page with your personal ideas and experience with them.

    No matter whatever you give, at the end of the day, if there’s something that truly matters is the love that’s there between you and your father. So, he will definitely feel happy with whatever you have get for him.

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