Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a video?

It’s a four step process. Add photos and text, select a style, select a music track and proceed to give a title and choose video quality.

Verification Code failed to verify my account. What to do?

Verification code is 4 to 6 digits in length. If length is less than 6 digits, enter it as it is. If still not verified, please contact with your email and verification code.

Can I login using my existing social media profiles?

Yes, you can login using your Facebook or Google Plus profile. This way, you can start using Picovico within a single click registration process.

I already have a Picovico Account, can I still login using Facebook account?

Yes, you can link your Picovico account with your Facebook account. Click on Login with Facebook and enter your Facebook login details to link both the accounts. This way you can log in to Picovico using either Login with Facebook, or Log In.

How long does it take to make a video?

Generally it takes 1 minute approx. to process a video. But at times it may take longer depending upon the style you chose.

What is the maximum length of video that I can make?

At present we are limiting the numbers of photo uploads per video to 30. This will yield a video of maximum 3 minutes. Drop us a mail at if you need beyond this.

What is the quality of video?

We currently serve 360p(SD) which is YouTube standard quality, 480p and 720p(HD) on the Android app. On the web platform, only 360p is free and the others are available to premium users only.

Can I add my own music into the video?

Yes, in the ‘Select Music’ step, there is an option to upload your own music. We will also save that music in your Picovico music library (available only to you) so that you can use it later for other videos too. Alternatively you can delete it, if you don’t want us to save the music.
Make sure you have the right to use the music.

I have created a video, but I haven’t received any notification?

If you haven’t received the notification email despite waiting reasonably long, please check your ‘Spam’ folder. If you still don’t find the mail, notify us via feedback.

Can I change the style of my video once I’ve created it?

Yes, you can edit your video as many times as you wish. And you can change the video style too.

How can I download my video?

Go to ‘My Videos’ page and tap the download icon on the video thumbnail. Your video will be downloaded in .mp4 format.

How many videos can I create with the free plan?

You’re provided with 200 Mohars (video credits) everyday in the free plan. You can create upto 5 videos everyday depending on the quality you choose.

What do I get when I upgrade?

You can add more than 30 photos in each video and create upto 15 videos a day with the upgraded account. Exclusive styles (if any) are also available to upgraded account.

How can I upgrade?

In the ‘Feedback’ option, select ‘Other’ from drop-down menu and send us a request to upgrade your account. There is a charge for this process. Pricing available upon request.

Who can see my video?

If it’s not downloaded, only you can access your videos through the app. If it’s downloaded, anyone can access it in the device gallery.

Can I reuse the photos used in my previous videos?

Yes. When you upload photos for a video, all the photos are saved in ‘Uploaded Image’ section (available only to you) which is accessible while adding photos. You can reuse those photos in your other videos as well.

What happens if my video is longer than the music I used in the video?

In case your video length is longer than the length of music used, the same piece of music will get repeated in the video.

Can I edit the name of my video?

Yes, you can edit the name before you submit the video for processing.

How do I change my profile information?

Tap on your name at the top right of Picovico page, & tap the edit icon to update any information.

How long are my videos available to download?

Videos are deleted from our server after 30 days of being created. Within those 30 days you can download or export it to keep it with your forever.

I downloaded the video but I don’t want to keep it anymore. What are the ways I can delete it?

You can delete it from both our server and your device using the option accessible from the video thumbnail.